Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 21 review: Meredith’s confession

Grey's Anatomy season 13 episode 21 reviewIn beginning this Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 21 review, let’s just say this: We knew that the Meredith moment was coming. It was just a matter of time.

At the start of the episode, even Ellen Pompeo’s character realized that there was only so long that she was going to be able to keep her big secret from Maggie that she and Riggs were together. She just had to figure out the right way to tell her that would minimize the hurt. We’ll give her some credit for not wanting to do anything in order to minimize precisely what she was going through. However, she still made a huge mistake in not thinking that her sister was strong enough to handle hearing this further.

Unfortunately, the timing was ripped out from under her as Maggie realized what was up the moment that Riggs and Meredith did the joint press conference following their heroics aboard the airplane. It didn’t take anything else for her to realize what was going on, and from there, she had to deal with the ramifications.

We’ll give the writers some credit for how they handled this, and not trying to turn the series into some sort of teen romantic soap-opera. While Maggie was upset, by the end of the episode there were some signs that she would be over it and fine before long. Her issue is more with losing trust in Meredith, since she thought she would never have to deal with dishonesty from someone she cares about so much.

Bailey and Catherine’s common ground

This was an interesting little subplot in the episode largely because of how the two parties realized in the end that despite whatever differences they may have, they are a little more alike than they realize. This episode explored that a little bit, and set the stage for hopefully some good stuff to come down the road, as well, for the two of them as Bailey took on the role of marriage counselor. They need to remain on the same page in the event that they want the hospital (not to mention Richard) to function.

On the medical side

If you’re looking for a heartbreaking story, you don’t have to look any further than the story of young mother with a DNR order who unfortunately didn’t make it long after welcoming her child. On the flip side, we had a really comical case about a young girl who temporarily scared off her boyfriend because of a ton of worms roaming around in her stomach. It was pretty gross, but by the end of the episode, they were able to get through it.


Grey’s Anatomy packed in almost everything within this episode, and most of it worked. The worm case was a little weird, but we may have needed some of that levity in the midst of the pain and the heartache. Brief shout-out to the Amelia / Owen hug that we had in the episode, as well. Episode Grade: B.

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