Scorpion season 3 finale: No cliffhanger coming

no cliffhangerConsider this a major surprise — for the first time, there is no cliffhanger ending coming at the end of Scorpion season 3. This is a show that does love to cultivate these endings, as do the majority of CBS procedurals out there. They offer some temptation for viewers to keep watching, and typically they involve either some sort of romantic confession or some near-death situation.

Ultimately, though, we’re not sure that cliffhangers are as effective as many people out there would assume. For one, you have to remember that most near-death cliffhangers don’t lead to actual death, and the romantic cliffhangers very rarely have bad endings. Typically, the romantic confessions that come in finales are from people who fans want to see together.

TVLine confirms that for season 3, the show is going in a different direction and giving you an ending that should tie together all of the main stories. We do think that the majority of the show’s fans are going to watch the show regardless of a finale ending, and given everything that is going on with the Happy / Toby wedding and Walter’s confession of love to Paige in the final episodes, there’s no real need to pile on top of any of that.

In the event you are interested in some further news on the finale, executive producer Nick Santora told the website that there is something specific to look forward to within this episode:

“Season 3 has my favorite season-ending line of dialogue in the almost two decades I’ve been doing this … The fans are going to absolutely love it.”

Ultimately, there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to the final two episodes in general based on some of the stories that we’re hearing at the moment. After Happy and Toby’s wedding, we’re going to see the two parties embark on a honeymoon; somehow, this leads to the entire team being stranded on a deserted island for the final two episodes, and while there, you’re going to see ample opportunities for many feelings to come out in the open. It’s exciting, but it also is probably going to lead to some emotional reactions and some key changes for various people.

What do you think: Do you think that there should be a cliffhanger at the end of this season, or do you think that these are for the most part overrated? Share now in the comments!

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