Quantico season 2 has cancellation contingency plan

cancellation contingency planWe see this happen here and there with some shows, and we know it’s happening now with Quantico: A cancellation contingency plan. It really goes without saying that everyone involved with the show would like to see it come back for more new episodes. Yet, at the same exact time we know that there are no guarantees of that. The show firmly remains on the renewal bubble, and while we’re reasonably optimistic for the show, there are no guarantees.

Speaking to TVLine, show executive producer Josh Safran made it clear that there are two different ways that the show effectively could end. Basically, there’s an extra scene that will be cut out of the upcoming finale in the it is canceled, that way whatever cliffhanger is planned does not exist anymore:

“If for some reason I hear that we’re not coming back before [it] airs, I will just literally cut that scene off the episode, so it will be like it never existed.”

What’s a little interesting when it comes to this decision is that this is almost the reversal of what we saw with Castle last year. With that, show there was an extra scene that was filmed in the event that the show was cancelled, which allowed for a little bit of closure that wasn’t there otherwise.

In the end, the biggest thing that we anticipate seeing with Quantico at the end of the finale is a little bit conclusion not only to some of Alex Parrish’s missions, but also romantically when it comes to some of the show’s pairings. While we don’t think that Safran or the various writers on the show are going to do anything in terms of sending the various agents away from the job, they’ll probably give you a somewhat-conclusive feeling to the story. The truth of the matter is that no matter what happens, the job goes on and all of these characters are just going to have to do their part in order to properly move forward. It’s likely just going to be on to the next case.

Do you think that Quantico is handling things the right way, and do you think that the show is going to be coming back for another season? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want to preview the new episode of the show coming up on Monday night. (Photo: ABC.)

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