Absentia teasers: Analyzing a new Stana Katic photo and more

Stana Katic photoGiven that we know the Absentia premiere is still some ways out, we thought that now would be the time to talk new a new Stana Katic photo!

Specifically, what we want to do today is touch on a couple of recent photos shared by the show and their official Twitter account, given that we think these images do a very good job of giving you a window into just what is coming when this show premieres — whenever that may be.

Rest assured that there are no spoilers ahead…

1. A happy reunion? – This is the photo released specifically featuring Stana, and what you see here is her character seemingly in the midst of a happy reunion. If you recall the premise of the show, she is playing an FBI agent who, after tracking a serial killer in Boston for many years, is found in a cabin several years later with no recollection of what happened during that lost time.

Our speculation here is that this photo is her trying to reconnect with part of the family that she at one point had before her disappearance, though it may prove to be different. She was presumed dead, and with that, her old family had to move on. This is going to be heartbreaking, and we don’t anticipate things being easy right away given that Katic’s character will have to grasp the emotional weight of everything that’s transpired.

2. Is this a memory? – This is an intriguing photo given that it may represent something that is very much important to the show. As for what that said something is, consider that one of the big mysteries at the moment. It’s possible that it represents a trigger moment either for her old life or a place she may have been during those missing years. It’s important one way or another; otherwise, the caption won’t make sense.

Absentia is a character study, but beyond that, it’s also a fascinating mystery that we imagine the show will want to set up and discuss over the course of its entire ten-episode first season. We know the present, and we know the past — the big game of the show is connecting the dots in between.

What do you think about these new images? Be sure to sound off with some of your thoughts in the comments below!

Meanwhile, be sure to visit the link here in the event you want to get some additional insight right now when it comes to the series and when (and where) it could premiere. (Photo: Sony.)

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