Chicago Med season 2 episode 21 sneak peek: Will – Nina trouble ahead

Will - Nina troubleIs there some Will – Nina trouble coming on Chicago Med season 2 episode 21? The more we’re seeing from it, the more it appears so.

In the new sneak peek below (via TV Guide) from Thursday’s new episode, you are going to see even more alarms go off in Nina’s head that something is going on when it comes to Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning. Is Will cheating on his girlfriend? We don’t think that’s something on his mind, but Nina is clearly picking up on some sparks that are there between the two of them. If she thinks that there could be a greater problem here down the line, it’s something that she may use to distance herself from her boyfriend now.

If nothing else, it’s becoming more and more clear that there needs to be some sort of conversation between the two where they lay out what is really going on here, and analyze if there is anything in the long-term that may need to be done about it. We are getting near the end of the season, and this is clearly a time for some of these discussions to take place. We also do know that Patti Murin is someone who doesn’t seem to be around on the show for a long time to come — she’s heading off to Broadway for that adaptation of Frozen, so there may only be so long that she can be a part of this show.

In the end, what does make this relationship so interesting is that everyone’s being written in a likable way, and nobody’s trying to be some terrible person to anyone else. For example, Will is not consciously doing anything with Natalie that he thinks should sound any alarms. Meanwhile, Natalie is not thinking that she is crossing any boundaries, either. Yet, it feels perfectly natural and it makes sense for Nina to be feeling a little bit of jealousy over all of this, since she doesn’t want the ground of her relationship walked upon and it appears as though this is something that could be happening.

We’ll see how all of this plays out on tonight’s new episode, but if you’re curious and interested in getting some further news about it now, you can do so by heading over to the link here.

What do you think is going to happen on Chicago Med tonight? Be sure to sound off in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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