Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Bruno’s last stand

Bruno's last standTonight is Bruno’s last stand in the Big Brother Canada 5 house. Unfortunately, we don’t think that we’re looking towards a situation where he stays.

Ultimately at this point, it’s hard to envision a compelling argument that Bruno has to stick around in the game over Karen, who is such an obvious non-threat and a great person to stay in the jury. Bruno’s biggest problem is that Kevin is also there. With that, there’s little justification for anyone to keep him when they know that he will look after someone else more than he will look after them. You can argue that Bruno can be used as a target to go after Ika and Demetres, but the reality there is mostly that with Demetres ineligible to play in this coming competition, we’re looking at a situation where the other players may think that they can defeat Ika without Bruno there.

The people who are probably making the biggest mistake this week are Ika and Demetres, given that they’re giving all the power to the middle of the house and don’t quite realize that Dre is working against them rather than for them. She is their biggest blindspot, and she is the person who will come back to haunt them whether it be this coming week or the next.

People are already talking in the house as though Bruno is gone, and we know that for Dre in particular, she’s probably going to put herself in a situation where someone else can win Head of Household and make the move for her. She wants to hide her allegiance as long as possible, which is why there are some comparisons to be made out there between her and Andy Herren. We do think Andy was better at not having people pick up on it (Ika is at least mildly aware that Dre is up to something), but Dre is doing enough to put herself in a great position so that if Ika wins, she’s gunning for Kevin and William. Meanwhile, almost anyone else is looking at her and Demetres as nominees for the week. Given that Demetres is such a comp threat, you just can’t afford to leave him in the game.

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Meanwhile, head over here to get some further updates now from the house. We’ll have even more coming up very soon. (Photo: Global.)

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