The Amazing Race 29 episode 6 promo: Can Liz & Michael repair things?

The Amazing Race 29 episode 6In looking at The Amazing Race 29 episode 6 promo below, one question rises above all others: Are Liz & Michael already done? Is there a way for these two to recover from a disaster in Norway?

Based on the cliffhanger from this past episode (read our full review from that over at the link here), we do understand the temptation to go ahead and say that it’s officially curtains for these two, given that they struggled from start to finish and we learned that when things get rough, Michael gets nasty and the two struggle to communicate.

Now, take a deep breath and remember that this was just one leg. They didn’t get eliminated by the virtue of a to-be-continued leg, and we have to think that calmer heads will prevail. Michael seems like a guy who can fess up when he screws up, so we think they’ll both realize that they need to be grateful for their time together and their time on this race. As they move forward to Milan, we think that they may be positioned to do very well, in fact!

There are effectively two different things that could help this team out greatly moving into this episode.

1. A likely equalizer – We can’t imagine that there are SO many flights from Norway to Italy that the teams are not bunched up somewhere along the way, even if it’s on a connecting flight down the road. We also don’t think that Liz & Michael were that far behind so that they would suffer being stuck on a later flight. This should get them on a level playing field, and if they can get a leg that doesn’t require much navigation (obviously their weak link), they should be able to do fairly well.

2. A Double U-Turn – After this meltdown, the threat that they appeared to be earlier in this season may have minimized. Meanwhile, there are many teams out there who seemingly dislike Vanck & Ashton. They are likely to be the target of one of the U-Turns, and we have to think that someone like Matt & Redmond or even Tara & Joey (who have won two straight legs) would be looked at before them. They could be U-Turned if there is no other choice, but that’s the only way we see it happening.

Also, quick kudos to the show this season for finding ways to travel to different locations almost every single leg. Even the second leg in Zanzibar eventually moved over to Tanzania before finishing it up.

What do you think is going to happen Thursday night? Sound off now in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to this link to secure some further news when it comes to The Amazing Race 29 so far this season. (Photo: CBS.)


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