The Fosters season 5 spoilers: The school protests continue

The Fosters season 5 spoilersLooking for your first batch of The Fosters season 5 spoilers? If so, we’re here to provide some of them within the span of this article!

At the moment, probably the biggest thing that we can discuss is the state of Anchor Beach and its school system in the aftermath of the protests during the finale. We saw the voting done to try to convert it over to a private school, which was largely initiated thanks to Nick’s father. Even when Nick is not on the show, this is yet another reminder of the chaos that he brought. (Nick’s father, by the way, may be the show’s greatest villain — it was in part his treatment of his son and his refusal to give him the proper emotional support that sent him down such a dark path in the first place.

Speaking to TV Guide, Sheri Saum makes one thing very clear about the state of where things are, and what her character Lena is going to try to do to help keep things calm around the school: “I need to keep this civil and it’s getting heated … It’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

When it comes to the idea of a protest in general, one of the things that you do have to almost-constantly remember is that this is something that many people out there, especially who are young, are not familiar with doing. They may not know the right and wrong ways to do it, which is why as a result of that, we can easy see things start to get a little bit messy. We imagine that the show will prove itself to be entertaining given that it often is, but it’s also one that sprinkles in a little bit of devastation everywhere. Someone within this protest could make a mistake that they cannot walk back, and you have to be keenly aware of that.

Ultimately, what we really hope here is that somehow, Lena figures out a way to calm things down and eventually becomes the principal of Anchor Beach herself. If there is anyone who is going to be able to help the school navigate through this super-difficult time, it’s probably her. She’s more than capable of taking the problem on and getting the students to the right place in the end. Hopefully, in the process the decision at Anchor Beach is reversed.

If you are interested in getting some further news on The Fosters season 5, including some of the latest premiere-date speculation for the show, be sure to visit the link here! (Photo: Freeform.)

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