Survivor: Game Changers episode 10 promo: Inspiration and its downside

Survivor: Game Changers episode 10Based on the Survivor: Game Changers episode 10 promo below, you can be prepared for one of the most inspirational moments this season. While that’s wonderful as a viewer for this show, is it wonderful for this person’s game?

One of the things that is so complicated about this game is the relationship between being a hero outside of the game and a target within it. If you’re too nice, too positive, or too much of an inspiration, you’re too threatening to take to the end. Maybe you can consider it people being greedy; yet, nobody thinks that they are a bad person and undeserving of the money themselves. Ultimately, you can’t go home and say to your family that you allowed someone else to win a million dollars over you just because you were inspired by their story and a specific achievement.

Whether it was said or unsaid, you could sense the target that was placed on Zeke’s back over the course of the past two episodes. While it didn’t seem as though his story had to do directly with him being targeted in the second episode last week where Ozzy was booted (it had more to do with him double-dealing), it was mentioned on one occasion that his story makes him a target. This is going to be a tough hurdle for him to overcome. If the “inspirational figure” hyped by the promo is someone other than him, it may be the best thing for his game. All of a sudden, maybe the perception of him as a jury threat is superseded by someone else doing something that is incredibly powerful and moving. There is a reason why Jeremy Collins and Adam Klein didn’t mention their full set of personal circumstances until they made it to the end of the game. They knew how those revelations would be perceived beforehand.

One of the other flip-sides of the whole inspirational argument regarding Zeke is also rather simple — does him being perceived as a double-dealer mitigate the perception of him as this incredibly bravo hero? Typically, people who play both sides and flip between alliances have a difficult time with a jury who feels personally hurt by them in the end. All of these things are very interesting to consider — even without his personal story, Zeke would still be a compelling figure because of the dichotomy of his likable personality to his actions within the game.

What do you think will happen moving into Survivor: Game Changers episode 10? Sound off in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here to see an additional preview for tonight’s episode. (Photo: CBS.)


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