Prison Break reaction: Paul Adelstein talks Kellerman shocker

Paul AdelsteinWell, they never said that everyone was going to make it out of the Prison Break revival alive in one piece. Clearly, this was one of the biggest surprises of all that came out of the new episode airing Tuesday night. Before the series started, everyone thought that Michael was dead. Now, everyone knows that it is actually Kellerman who is. The character’s gone, and we’re left now to wonder more about how we will see some of these characters move forward.

Well, here’s the thing about Kellerman’s “death.” Is he really gone? Because of Sara and Michael in particular, this show has potentially opened the door perhaps more so than any other on television to the possibility of these people potentially not being dead at all. It’s a little bit of a crazy idea, but then it’s one that is not crazy at all when you look through the show’s own history book.

For Paul Adelstein, he is clearly continuing to hold out hope that somehow, this character could still be alive despite the extremely long layoff. In speaking on this subject further as a part of a new interview with TVLine, here is what the actor had to say:

“I don’t see it as his swan song. If you listen very carefully, maybe there’s a little sigh on the floor off-camera. I mean, it’s Prison Break — in all seriousness, how can you ever really know if you should believe what you see? So as an actor, I’m a little bit in denial; I’m hoping that if there’s more Prison Break that I can be involved. If Kellerman is dead, or if the show is over and this was the last time I got to play him, yes, there was something nostalgic and sad about it. But I never thought I was going to get to do [the role] again, so it felt like a bonus anyway.”

Given that this is such a show where crazy things happen, we also don’t put it past anyone to hire Adelstein in a completely different role moving forward with a different look and vibe. Such a thing may look strange on the surface, but it’s really not given that many other shows have already done it.

What do you think about the end for Kellerman … if it really is the end at all? Share in the comments below!

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