The Flash season 3 episode 19 review: Who can stop Savitar?

Once and Future FlashWho is Savitar? On The Flash season 3, this was was one of the biggest questions that we had, and it only grew during the episode.

As a matter of fact, we saw Barry Allen go so far in his efforts to learn the truth as to travel in the future. What we ended up seeing as a result of that was a complicated search for the truth, and a devastated world where Cisco Ramon lost his hands because of Killer Frost, Joe was mourning his daughter even still, and there was no Team Flash anymore. The villains in Central City had effectively won.

The mission for Barry this week was to not get discouraged first and foremost, and then after that do what he could in order to get some answers. As you would imagine, this showed itself to be very difficult since there were not exactly all that many people who were interested in helping. Barry from the future abandoned everyone, and it was really clear that only one person knew the real identity of Savitar: Killer Frost.

Did he learn along the way how to stop Savitar within the Speed Force for good? that’s something he certainly did! Near the end of the episode, Barry from the future (sporting a new costume) made it clear that a scientist in Tracy Brand is the who actually figured out the right way to stop the villain of the season once and for all. This was the crack that Barry needed in order to figure out how to stop the God of Speed once and for all and to try to readjust everything that was happening within that timeline.

Back in the present…

This is where Barry realized that some of the prophecies could be coming true even sooner than he’d like, especially when it comes to Killer Frost working with Savitar. He showed her his true identity, and whoever he is, that was enough to convince her to flip. Why so quickly? There must be something about his true appearance that meant something to him, since otherwise it feels like there is no reason to make that move so quickly.

We will have to say that while “Once and Future Flash” was exciting, and it was great to see both Mirror Master and Top again, this also proved to be a pretty depressing episode as a whole since there isn’t too much hope for The Flash right now beyond just a single name. We’re excited for the future, but let’s hope for some big progress on Savitar given that there are only a few episodes still to go before the story ends. Grade: B+.

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