Once Upon a Time season 6: Plans existed for Maleficent, Will Scarlet return

MaleficentWill Maleficent ever return to Once Upon a Time in the future? What about Will Scarlet? At one point, we can tell you there were talks.

Speaking per Entertainment Weekly, co-showrunner Adam Horowitz made it clear that in the midst of planning out the final stretch of episodes for the ABC hit, there was at one point a little bit of discussion surrounding the idea of having an episode where you bring back many of the smaller characters from the series’ run. Unfortunately, time was the biggest reason why it’s not happening — at least for now:

“It ultimately comes down to: Where do you want to spend your time? There’s so much we want to explore with our core characters. While we would love to tell you what’s going on with Kathryn [Anastasia Griffith] or the Red Queen, if we can find ways to slip in bits of it, or to tell you what’s going on with Lily, we’ll do it, but to give over a whole episode to it — as much as we love the idea on a conceptual level — it’s such precious real estate. Not that we don’t love the minor characters, but we have to honor our main cast.”

Fellow showrunner Edward Kitsis did make it clear that this is something that the team is still opening to explore now moving into the future, and that should be seen as a nice sign of major hope for people out there. While it may not seem all that likely at the moment, there could be room in a season 7 if the show is renewed! Remember that there are some regulars that will likely leave, and depending on how long that story is, you can come up with some space to devote to some of the aforementioned characters. Personally, we’d love an update on some of the people mentioned plus the likes of Red, Dorothy, Dr. Whale, Aurora, Mulan, and many others. Heck, why not even throw Anna and Elsa in there, given that the show has for the most completely ignored that entire arc since they said goodbye to it midway through the fourth season?

What do you think: Would you be interested in a new episode of Once Upon a Time in which the supporting characters had more of a shot to shine? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, you can head over here to get some further news right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: ABC.)

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