Bates Motel series finale reaction: Beginnings and endings

Who could be the one to stop Norman Bates? That was one question at the center of the Bates Motel series finale Monday night.

First, it appeared as though we were going to be seeing Romero be the one to do the deed after he kidnapped Norman. Unfortunately, what we ended up seeing instead was the death of Romero at Norman’s hand. One of the people who was after him for much of the series was gone, and within those moments, in some ways so was the majority of Norman’s mind.

For much of the remainder of the night, what we effectively ended up seeing was Norman going into delusions that sent him back to when he and Norma first arrived at the hotel. He didn’t understand what he was doing, or what he had done. He let people check into the hotel, and he invited Dylan over as though nothing was wrong.

This is where Dylan had quite the predicament — he could turn Norman over to the authorities, and find a way to take care of him on his own. Dylan wasn’t one to let things go easily, and with that, he defied logic (and Emma’s own well wishes) in opting to pay Norman a visit. That’s when things got really creepy, as he ended up having a dinner party with his brother that included Norma’s corpse being brought down to the dinner table to eat. Horrifying, to say the least.

Dylan realized that the situation could get to the point where he may have to do the unthinkable, and in the end, he struck because he had to strike. When Norman wouldn’t leave Mother under his own free will, Dylan had to shoot him. There was no other choice. Then, Dylan held Norman’s dying body in his arms as he sobbed. Norman was finally in a place when there was no more pain and anguish, though we hardly think that there is any solace in that. This is the beginning of the rest of Dylan’s life, but the ending of Norman’s may still be something that haunts him until the end of his days.

This was beautiful, haunting, and the perfect way for the series to end. Hats off to Freddie Highmore, Kerry Ehrin, and everyone else associated with the series. The one thing we would possibly change is that we would’ve ended it before Norman’s body was even carted away. At that point, the emotional zenith had been reached.

What did you think about the Bates Motel series finale, and the way in which Norman’s story came to a close? Share some of your thoughts in the comments below!

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