NCIS Marathons: Why watching Agent Gibbs solve crime is best binge watching on earth

NCIS MarathonsNCIS might be leading the CBS primetime schedule on Tuesday night, but Agent Gibbs isn’t exclusive to the network anymore. Thanks to the extraordinary magic of cable, digital streaming services, and TVs around the world, fans of the popular show can see the NCIS team solve crime after crime on other networks.

Do you know what is better than just one episode of NCIS? Well that would be a whole day. Binge watching is probably the most delightful thing known to diehard NCIS fans. It’s a chance to relive the best stories of the series and watch for details that might have slid by the first time. In fact, you might find out more about an episode of a show watching the second time compared to the first time.

Watching Agent Gibbs’ team solve crime after crime gives the fan entirely different perspective of the show. First, it’s quite astounding how the actors keep the characters in alignment. Doesn’t matter if it is the first season or the seventh, Agent Gibbs is the same character. That takes real talent (and we all know Mark Harmon is extremely talented).

Another interesting take on watching back-to-back episodes is how the show offers up so many different scenarios when it comes to crime. They aren’t just dealing with a car crash. It’s a point blank shooting, a back alley crime, a scientifically challenging gas, and other situations. It’s impressive to see how creative the writers of NCIS have made the show over the years. Frankly, the different crimes show the diversity of the show and how it offers a look at crime everywhere.

So where can you make your own little NCIS Marathon? I was hoping you would ask! Thanks to writing this column (and being a huge fan) I’ve been doing a little binge watching myself. At first I was checking out to see if USA Network was offering any marathons. Typically around the holidays there are super marathons, but nothing was there.

I decided to make my own marathon. It’s easy with Netflix or CBS All Access streaming. You pick the episodes to watch and enjoy a season or character driven marathon as you see fit. The best part is you can break as needed, so you control the commercials (and the commercials no longer control you.)

If you have a day (or evening) off where you are thinking you’d like to watch some great television, play yourself a mini-marathon of NCIS. You might be surprised at how satisfying this event might be as you get the chance to once again engulf yourself in some amazing NCIS moments. (Photo: CBS.)

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