Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion: Lisa Rinna, Kim Richards battle continues

RinnaThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion will be airing once more on Bravo Tuesday night, and judging from the latest preview that we’ve got for it below right now, all signs seem to indicate that we’re going to be seeing a rather bitter end to the festivities.

Specifically, we’re going to be seeing, once more, some verbal sparring when it comes to Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards. For whatever reason, Lisa decides to take it upon herself to say some pretty shocking things in here, including that Kim is “sick” and that she’s her personal “meal ticket” and because of her, Kim is getting opportunities to be a part of this show. while Kyle Richards insists that she’s not Kim’s “mother” and therefore doesn’t have to justify every single thing that her sister does, there are a couple of things that she does point out here to Rinna in her sister’s defense.

1. Both Kim and Kyle were a part of the show long before Lisa was a part of it, so there isn’t any sense in her saying this.

2. She’s really only furthering the fires with some of her comments. Specifically, the thing that we’d add to this is that if Lisa didn’t let loose such shocking allegations about Kim in the first place, none of this craziness would be happening since there wouldn’t be any material for the show! That’s a big part of what makes the majority of this gossip so crazy; Kim is really bringing it upon herself that many of these situations happen, and they really don’t have to.

In the end, we don’t foresee Kim and Lisa walking off into the sunset at the end of all of this. So far, the reunion is proving to be fairly acrimonious, and it’s hard to envision any real situation where we see that changing before it ends. Maybe next season things will, but we’re not even sure what the cast will be. Personally, we’d be okay if both Lisa and Kim move on at this point, especially since the former has this habit of saying these shocking allegations and then furthering them along with more strong language.

What do you want to see on Tuesday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, and are you still invested in any of this drama? Share below.

Meanwhile, click here to get some further previews for what is coming up! (Photo: Bravo.)


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