What do NCIS actors do over summer break? Fans wonder

Summer breakFilming NCIS can’t be an easy job for any of the actors who make it look so natural. Not only are they required to be fit enough to catch a criminal, they need to know how to respond to a gun battle and memorize lines to have a smooth dialog. It’s got to be a huge workload that repeats itself every week. Mark Harmon shared in an interview a couple of years ago that the days on set are sometimes long and offered up plenty of physical demands.

Talking to a huge NCIS fan over the weekend, we were discussing what happens when actors go on break. The season finales are slated and the summer breaks are around the corner so it’s almost time for those hard working crews from NCIS to go on vacation.

What do NCIS actors do over summer break?

One assumes that actors, because they work so hard, would want to take a vacation of some sort. By the time June arrives in Hollywood, the town pretty much clears out. People want to enjoy the summer with personal plans. Looking to get away from the cameras and focus on things they want to do, it’s rare to see any actors just roaming the streets of Hollywood. It’s not so uncommon to see celebrities in other parts of the world. Whether it be Paris, San Diego or Tahiti, it’s possible that a NCIS fan’s selfie will show up on social media highlighting a celebrities trip somewhere.

Other times actors focus on personal goals. Remember when Sean Murray, who plays agent Timothy McGee started losing weight? Over the series in season seven fans really couldn’t tell because it was gradual. After he came back from the summer break, it was extremely noticeable. Working more on his personal goals, he looked trim and definitely McSexy when returning for the new season.

Few, if any, stars share what they are doing for the summer break. Looking to get away from it all, it’s safe to assume they don’t tell very many fans what they have planned. Wanting to keep a low profile, rest and recuperate, the focus might be on relaxing instead of working. Or maybe they are looking at a DIY project to remodel their kitchen and need to focus. Whatever the stars of NCIS do this summer, let’s hope they get plenty of rest. They need their strength for the next season. Coming back refreshed and ready to keep sharing those remarkable stories. After all, NCIS was renewed recently for a season 15.

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