Veep season 6 episode 2 review: Selina Meyer’s library hunt

Veep season 6 episode 2 reviewOn Veep season 6 episode 2 on Sunday night, we saw Selina Meyer continuing to think about one thing above all else: Her legacy. Sure, she may have only been President for under a year, but that wasn’t stopping her from wanting a library!

So where in the world would she put it? That was the big question of the episode. At first, she wanted to put it at Yale, but Yale wasn’t having that over her controversial pardon before she left office. Meanwhile, the other place that was heavily considered was her old alma mater Smith College, a woman’s college who seemed to be courted mostly because of Selina sudden decision to really play up a pro-woman agenda. (As you saw later in the episode, she clearly doesn’t hold that agenda all that much in her heart.)

Everything for Selina was starting to go down without a hitch in terms of setting up her library … only to then find out during a car ride over to a fundraiser that Andrew was cheating on her again. This devastated her, which led to her getting drunk in bed while Gary hovered over her like a vulture (which is pretty much what he does, and it never gets old).

Selina’s new sorrow was a distraction from the library, and also when it comes to Catherine’s decision to try to have a child with Marjorie. To make matters all the more chaotic, the woman she fired decided to come clean and start telling her story as to how Andrew took advantage of her and that she was a victim. Given that she was wanting to build a library at a pro-women college, and she had just done something that insulted many of the women at the college, her entire library deal fell apart.

Basically, Selina was faced with a terrible and horrible choice in her mind– the only way to seemingly make people happy, and get her library back, was to hire back the same woman who was sleeping with her ex-husband. She wouldn’t possibly change that, could she? Everything for Selina was funny and ridiculous; we weren’t sure that post-President Selina would be as great as Selina in office, but it’s proving to be the case.

Jonah enter the dating pool

This was hilarious. Basically, Kent made it clear to him that if he wanted to move up the political ladder, one of the things that he would need to do is find the perfect romantic partner. That proved to be no easy task, mostly because Jonah is terrible and nobody’s going to want to be with him longer than a few minutes.

Right when Jonah started to find someone he liked … well, Dan showed up on assignment and got a little bit of revenge. Also, Dan hating working at CBS This Morning is all sorts of fantastic.


This was another pretty funny episode of Veep from start to finish, especially when it comes to scandals, Jonah dating, and some other ridiculousness from start to finish. Grade: B+.

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