Once Upon a Time musical episode: Show exec on matching songs

Once Upon a Time musical episodeWhile Sunday night’s Once Upon a Time episode will be about the Black Fairy and some backstory into her life, the one beyond that is one that could be for the books. After all, this episode is going to mark an opportunity to see various cast members sing! Oh, and there will also be a wedding to go along with it.

In the promo released last night, you had a chance to see some performances featuring these cast members. What we can also tell you now is that when it comes to specific numbers, they will be themed in some way around the characters and their journeys to date. Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, here is what executive producer Adam Horowitz had to say:

“Each song is suited to the character’s journey, so that when we see Hook singing, we can say that song does take place in a flashback, and it fits tonally in what a pirate would be thinking and what Hook would be thinking and therefore singing at the time we see him, which is kind of a pirate with a dark streak. In the same respect, when we see Snow and Charming’s song, there’s a duet and a true love element to it. Through all of them, we try to have the songs and the style of the songs tie into who the characters are and what they’re going through. The composers did an incredible job. These songs surpassed our expectations when we heard them, and then when we heard our cast and what they could do with them, it surpassed even further. So we’re really excited about it.”

Ultimately, this does seem as though it is going to be a lot of fun, and while it may not at times push the story forward all that much when it comes to the Black Fairy or the final battle, it does seem like it’s going to be a heck of a lot of fun! We’re excited to see everything unfold, especially since this is a show that could give us a wide array of different twists and turns over the course of the hour. We’re sure that there will be some revelations when it comes to the Black Fairy jammed in there somewhere.

What do you want to see in terms of numbers in the Once Upon a Time musical episode? Share in the comments below, and for reviews for recent episodes and a whole lot more, just be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: ABC.)

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