Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: The William debate

WilliamWhere does William stand in the Big Brother Canada house, both in this week and beyond?

The interesting thing is that, while he may not realize it yet, it could actually benefit him at this point to use both the regular Veto and his Secret Veto. Through most of this morning, we’ve seen Ika complain about him. The fact that he’s thinking about using the Veto is effectively the same thing as using it — it shows disloyalty to her and Demetres, and shows that Kevin has some influence with him. Ika’s also talked about wanting to take him out before either Kevin or Bruno, depending on which one of the two of them survives.

Given that we want great entertainment, we admit that we’d love to see a situation where someone overhears Ika railing against William, that person going to tell him, and then William using both Vetoes. From there, Demetres would have to name two new people, who could end up being Jackie and Karen. Ika and Demetres would be FURIOUS, and we’d have a ton of fun with it.

If all of this were to happen, the ideal situation would be for Jackie to be evicted given that she’s bringing the least to the table out of the remaining players. Keep Karen around!

Don’t get us wrong — Ika’s played the most dominant game this season, and we’d be thrilled if she comes out of this season with a win given that she’s fought so hard from it. We just want to see her challenged as much as possible since that makes a better TV show, and for someone like William, he has to realized that he’s already crossed the threshold of not being an ally in Ika’s mind. She’s the sort of player where if you cross her, there is really no turning back.

If the nominations stay the same, we expect a ton of waffling the next couple of days about who to get rid of. Kevin has more connections in the house, but Bruno has this ability to win people over socially with his whole “I’m a good guy / family man” persona. We don’t think it’s an act, but he’s able to use that to his advantage.

We may have another update from the Big Brother Canada live feeds later today over at the link here. Be on the lookout, and remember that the Veto Ceremony is likely happening tomorrow. (Photo: Global.)

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