Elementary season 5 episode 20 sneak peek: Is Bell in big trouble?

Elementary season 5 episode 20 sneak peekBased on the Elementary season 5 episode 20 sneak peek for Sunday night’s new episode, it appears that Bell is in trouble.

How much trouble are we talking about here? Let’s just say that it has a thing or two to do with Internal Affairs, the same group of people that many police officers out there dread and/or dislike with a fiery passion.

This preview features specifically Bell having a conversation with Joan about a supposed run-in that Bell had recently, one where he claims he was wrongfully accused of something and when he was called in to work, he was told to have a union representative with him. There are all sorts of different results that could come from this — he could be put on desk duty, or he could end up being arrested if things really go south for him.

As you are going to find out over the course of the episode, there is a specific person who is targeting him for a very particular reason. We won’t give everything away within this article, but that is something to keep watch for as the hour progresses.

As for what else you can expect to see in this episode, the case of the week seems to be revolving around the death of a magician. He died as a result of a very unusual trick going sound; specifically, he was poisoned because of seemingly a bullet he inhaled! In the words of Sherlock Holmes himself, this is one of the first time that he’s investigated the death of someone who was killed by a bullet, but said bullet was not actually fired.

In the end, we anticipate being one of the more challenging cases for Holmes and Watson given that it is typically the memo of a great magician to be able to perform tricks that are so great that nobody will be able to figure out how they are done. When you’re dealing with something as pressing as a murder, let’s just say that it can make the job of the investigator all the more challenging.

What do you expect to see over the course of Elementary season 5 episode 20? Share some of your thoughts with a comment!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event that you do want to get a little more in the way of news on the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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