Line of Duty season 4 episode 5 sneak peek: Who blew the cover?

Line of Duty season 4 episode 5 sneak peekIn the Line of Duty season 4 episode 5 sneak peek, there is one very simple question that is asked: Who blew the cover?

When it comes to the AC-12, the truth of the matter here is pretty clear — this is a unit that doesn’t have the favor of many people within the police. Nobody wants to be monitored or respected, and as a result of that they can often do everything that they possibly can to discredit them.

Here’s the issue when it comes to what’s happening with the Roz Huntley case. Without the team being fully operational, they cannot do too much in terms of investigating her corruption. She blew them virtually out of the water on this past episode, and now many of them are currently stuck within some sort of stasis, struggling to determine precisely what to do moving forward.

Let’s get back to the specific content of the sneak peek here — trying to figuring out who blew DS Fleming’s cover, and in turn compromised everything that the team had going out. Superintendent Hastings understandably wants answers, and we don’t think that he really gets them here. Instead, the only thing that he really does receive is some sort of halfhearted explanation saying that what is really to blame here is the simple fact that over time, it becomes harder and harder for being to stay undercover on the job. We do agree that this is true, because people do over time learn who you are and that can become problematic.

Now that we’ve said that, we do have a tough time believing that this is precisely what was going on here, and this situation may have been far more complicated than this and cannot be boiled down to something as simple as someone’s resume. More than likely, there is a further issue at hand here, and it will be interesting in seeing the show try to explore that further over the course of the season.

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Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want to preview further what is coming up on Sunday night’s new episode. (Photo: BBC.)

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