Madam Secretary season 3 episode 19 sneak peek: Elizabeth’s pep talk

Secretary season 3 episode 19Sure, we know that there are some serious times coming up on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 19 this weekend, but why not for the time being stop in and focus mostly on something a little bit more heartwarming and encouraging? This is what the latest sneak peek for Sunday night’s new episode is all about!

In this new sneak preview as posted by CBS, you can see Elizabeth McCord doing her best to inspire a little more confidence in love in her daughter Alison that even though she may be very different from Stevie, they love her just as much and admire her work. We do think that the writers try to paint Bess and Henry as these sort of aspirational figures — they are want you want couples in Washington to be much more so than who they actually are.

Therefore, it’s nice to see a character on TV embrace a child pursuing more of a career in the arts — even if it may be a difficult journey ahead for her because jobs in the arts are never easy, having the support of someone important to her may help to make things a little bit easier for Ali.

As for how much of that we’ll see on Madam Secretary itself, we do think that this is something that at the moment remains very much a mystery.

As for some other news from Sunday’s episode, we’ve got another sneak peek on the subject of Henry and the doomsday cult. He is doing everything that he can to uncover all of the information possible to figure out this investigation, but here’s the issue: Almost everyone else. Why does everyone have to make matters so difficult? Per the synopsis from CBS, Henry is going to be taken off the case; it may not be permanent, but one way or another, this could be a difficult pill for her to swallow.

For this particular sneak peek, though, what you are seeing by and large is a case of laying out a little bit more of the groundwork that we’ll see explored further as the episode continues to move along.

If you do want to get some further news right now when it comes to Sunday night’s new Madam Secretary episode, we suggest that you head over to the link here right now! We will be back soon with some further news regarding both this and the remainder of the season. (Photo: CBS.)

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