Britain’s Got Talent video: Jonny Awsum, Ant, Dec, and ‘Simon Cowell’

Jonny AwsumLeading into this weekend’s Britain’s Got Talent episode, why not get a taste of something awesome … in Jonny Awsum?

Obviously, the guy chose that name intentionally, and we won’t quibble with it all that much since he’s got that sort of act that simply puts a smile on your face. While he’s not necessarily doing anything that is going to reinvent the wheel or change how you feel about entertaining, he’s a fun, clever comedian who finds a way during his act to turn Britain’s Got Talent into his own personal musical with the help of Ant and Dec on his side.

What could work well for him on this show is if he comes up with clever little productions like this every time we see him, he could be able to get the audience on his side without having to commit to risky jokes. He’s a little bit reminiscent of a guy like Jimmy Fallon or a James Corden, who come up with very funny bits or premises and really shine in those more so than traditional stand-up.

Obviously, we feel fairly confident that Jonny is going to make it through to the next round — he puts a smile on your face, and it’s hard to ask for anything more from this show.

As for the second act to spotlight here, we have … Simon Cowell? Yep, there is another Simon Cowell out there, but this one works in IT and has a very different talent in balancing spoons on his face.

This is dumb, and it feels like the entire notion of him being on the show was born out of the fact that his name is Simon Cowell and clearly someone in production thought that this would be funny. Odds are, we never see him on the show again.

Just in case you’re crazy about all things Britain’s Got Talent, you should know that this is not the only thing preview that we’ve got for this episode. If you head over here, you can get our take on a very talented kid magician who will be appearing in tonight’s episode!

Be sure to come back during the show. Not only are we going to be reviewing it, but we’re going to be doing it LIVE. Hopefully, there is some more good stuff coming that we haven’t had a chance to see yet. (Photo: ITV.)

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