Law & Order: SVU season 18 episode 16 sneak peek: ‘The Newsroom’

SVU season 18 episode 16Law & Order: SVU season 18 episode 16 is going to be airing on NBC come Wednesday night, and there will be a part of “The Newsroom” that is horrifying in terms of its content and its timing. When the writers put this episode out there, maybe they did so in light of the departure of Roger Ailes from Fox News. However, they had no way of knowing that Bill O’Reilly was going to be leaving the network at the time, and all of a sudden this is an episode ripping from several different headlines as opposed to just one that’s now many weeks old.

The main focus of this episode is going to be on a woman who makes a shocking admission of sexual assault on the air in the middle of cable news show. Benson and the SVU team are brought in to investigate, and of course this is where things start to get challenging for them is nothing appears so cut-and-dry anymore.

As the sneak peek below indicates, one of the big complications could be dealing with personal versus professional conflicts. It’s similar in some ways to what we saw during “Net Worth,” where a powerful company may be willing to find some unique (and pretty despicable) ways in order to buy silence from victims. It’s then up to Benson to find a method or two to convince the impacted parties to still come forward and tell their stories even if it means not getting some of the benefits they would otherwise

Obviously, we don’t have to tell you that Law & Order: SVU is technically fiction; yet, there are still clearly based in some reality. In this case, there is a major takeaway that the show is speaking about sexual harassment in a specific field that has been known for misogyny (and much more). Obviously, the show does exist as entertainment, but if the episodes do concurrently find a way to inspire those who are in terrible situations around the world to pursue justice, there is an added purpose and that is something that should very much be commended.

This episode is going to be a part of a significant run of stories, which is going to run from now until the end of the season. We’ll have news every step of the way — fingers crossed that this said news also includes a renewal of some sort.

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Meanwhile, you can head over here in the event you want some further information when it comes to the series. (Photo: NBC.)

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