The Toy Box: Lightbox Terrier, Emotiplush, and Tubelox face off

TubeloxTonight’s new episode of The Toy Box was an episode that featured a lot of different interesting toys hoping to advance to the next round. Some were construction-based, whereas some others were for emotional support.

No matter what you think about the products tonight, we do still contend that this is a really fun show, and we like that we’re getting to see it on the air. The structure of it has that sort of aspirational quality that you get from Shark Tank, and then you add to that a great panel of “judges” … both in terms of the experts and the kids.

For the sake of this article, we’re focusing mostly on the three products that actually made it to the toy box proper. You can get a sense of all of tonight’s products by visiting this link. Refresh for further updates!

Tubelox – A construction device that allows you to build pretty much anything and everything that you could possibly want. It’s innovative, and it’s almost like a bigger version of Lego with a lot of different functions. Of the three that made it to this point, we do think it’s the most fun. However, it also is the most expensive out of any of them.

Emotiplush – It’s a doll that can be used for children to show emotion using their dolls. It’s great for therapy, but is it great for playtime? We wonder if this has a different purpose beyond the toy aisle.

Lightbox Terrier – It’s project to celebrate art in the form of a small terrier that has a light-up heart when you are using it. This is really adorable! We say this as someone who loves dogs, and feels like this is both affordable and also creative for kids.

The winner – There can only be one, right? Our pick was Lightbox Terrier when thinking about everything from creativity to price. Emotiplush was a great story, but probably doesn’t have the mass appeal. Meanwhile, Tubelox is a little expensive for the average kid.

Did the judges agree? It seems that way! The product gets a chance to move forward, and it now has a chance of getting that Mattel deal.

Which one of the products from The Toy Box tonight was your favorite? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want to get some other news when it comes to the show. (Photo: ABC.)

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