Chicago Med season 2 spoilers: Be prepared for Will – Nina conflict

Will - NatalieWill there be some movement forward or backwards when it comes to Dr. Will Halstead and Dr. Nina Shore on Chicago Med season 2? The Will – Nina relationship has become an important part of the story, especially given that Will is now living with her.

However, we’ve gotten the sense that there are some cracks in the foundation courtesy of Will’s feelings for Natalie (which are not so subtle anymore), and there’s also the fact now that Patti Murin (who plays the Nina character) is going to be heading off to Broadway to take part in a Frozen musical there as Anna. Speaking on the subject to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Schneider certainly seemed to suggest that there could be some conflict coming between the two characters. Also, Murin simply may not have the time in her schedule coming up:

“[Murin] has been a great addition to the cast, but she is not going to be available in the same way and we thought it was time to progress [Nina and Will’s] relationship … There are fundamental issues and problems in that relationship, and the tension that’s been building in that relationship — it will come to a head in the finale.”

As for whether or not this could move the relationship between Will and Natalie forward to some degree, signs seems to be pointing towards that being a possibility. That’s exciting, no? We think so, but one of the big things to remember here is that it’s probably not going to change overnight. As a matter of fact, it’d probably be a little weird for Will to go from being in a full-fledged relationship living with someone to being with someone else immediately. Even if they get together briefly, it may take some time and reflection before they are together long-term … if it even happens.

After a brief little hiatus here, Chicago Med is going to return on NBC with new episodes come Thursday. Be sure to come back for some more coverage in the coming days! For now, though, you can head over here to see a promo for what’s coming up.

What do you want to see happen with Will and Natalie this season? If they do get together, do you want to see it happen in season 3? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment below! (Photo: NBC.)

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