The Last Ship season 5 casting news surfaces — already

The Last Ship season 5 castingSure, The Last Ship season 5 is not airing on TNT until you get around to 2018, but why wait when it comes to sharing some of the first casting news?

According to Deadline, Thomas Calabro of Melrose Place fame is set to have an enormous role on the series in Don Kinkaid, a general in the new makeshift army that has been put together in the aftermath of everything that has been going on since the plague first struck. It’s not entirely clear what the role of the Army will be on the fifth season — as you can imagine, it’s almost impossible to know when you are looking more than a year in advance.

The reason we know this news so early is because the two seasons are filming back-to-back, a move that certainly could allow the cast some time to venture off and do some other things while they wait and see whether or not the show ends up getting renewed for a sixth season. There isn’t anything out there at the moment that suggests officially that season 5 is the final one, so let’s continue to hope that we get opportunities to explore more of this world further.

In general, The Last Ship season 5 is one that has the makings of being a really epic one, and we do think that some of the momentum from season 4 to 5 in terms of production will help it. Aside from that, we’re just looking forward to a season 4 coming out this summer. We anticipate that a good trailer will come out within the next month or so, and we’re absolutely looking forward to writing some more good stuff about the show over the course of the upcoming months. Be sure to stay tuned for some further news on that.

What do you think about this casting, and are you excited for what the next two seasons of The Last Ship have to offer? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event that you want to get some additional news right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: TNT.)

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