Shark Tank preview: BootyQueen Apparel, LocTote, Goverre, See Rescue Streamer

LocToteTonight, Shark Tank is bringing you an episode featuring BootyQueen Apparel, LocTote, Goverre, and See Rescue Streamer. Which products are going to shine and get a deal from the Sharks?

Before we get to some of the individual spotlights and our take on the products, let’s start things off here with the official synopsis via ABC:

“Newlyweds and bodybuilders from Dallas, Texas, married strength with glamour and created a fitness apparel line that caters to the woman who loves building her booty; two friends from San Marcos, California, need the Sharks’ help to grow their no-spill, portable and stem-less wine glass business; a Ph.D. scientist and big-wave surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii, invented a rescue signal for people that could make the difference between life and death; and two entrepreneurs from New Albany, Ohio, hope to bag some Sharks into a deal with their unique slash-proof and water-resistant backpacks.”

BootyQueen Apparel – Out of the four products tonight, this is the one that feels like it could easily make the most money. While it’s a fashion brand and those are a little dodgy sometimes, it has a very memorable name that instantly tells you what it’s about. Also, a we’re seeing a pretty smart social strategy to leverage Instagram to get the product into the hands of the target demo that’s visiting the gym often or just likes wearing leggings / other gym clothes. We’re obviously not the target demo, but we seen precisely where they’re going here.

This is the only product for tonight, alas, that we don’t have a sneak peek for.

Goverre – We’re not going to lie that there’s a part of us that feels like this is a really fancy flask, given that it’s basically a portable cup that you can put your wine in with a lid that renders spilling impossible. These do look rather nice, but we do wonder if this is catering to a very specific customer.

See Rescue Streamer – Think of this almost as a portable alternative to a flare that works on both land and sea. If you’re off hiking or out in the water, this may be the perfect thing to aid in a rescue mission. Like Goverre we do question the market side, but in terms of function, this product does make sense.

LocTote – If you ever want to bring some stuff with you but are worried about someone stealing it, this seems perfect in terms of function, material, and even its ability to prevent someone stealing your credit card data. (The latter is a little reminiscent of another product from the show in Signal Vault.)

The appeal here may actually stretch beyond just this bag into other products, at least if a Shark is willing to think that far ahead.

Which one of these products excites you the most? Share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over here in the event you want some other news right now when it comes to Shark Tank and what lies ahead. (Photo: ABC.)

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