The Blacklist season 4 spoilers: More Reddington – Liz reveals ahead

The Blacklist logo any seasonIf you are looking forward to seeing some great Reddington – Liz reveals on The Blacklist season 4, rest assured that they are coming in the aftermath of one of the craziest episodes of the entire series. On Thursday night, we learned the origin story of Mr. Kaplan, an in the process, we saw more from her eyes as to how Reddington impacted Katarina’s life, and eventually Liz’s down the road. She set out on a mission to help Liz, but in turn enabled Reddington to go thrown his reign of terror for so long.

Through all of the backstory we got, there was one question that still remains: Is Reddington really Liz’s father? We still don’t know for sure, but based on what executive producer Jon Bokenkamp had to say to the website, we could be getting some further answers on the subject soon:

“The truth behind why he came into her life, we will explore that in a deeper way than we ever have by the end of the season. Yes, issues of paternity will come back by the end of the season and we will land on an answer.”

This excites us for two different reasons: In the event that the show gets canceled (which feels unlikely), we’re going to get an answer. Beyond that, you’re also going to get a chance to finally get some closure. We do think that there is a good future for this show beyond this reveal, so as a result of that, why wait to give us that? Part of the fun here is going to be seeing precisely what mythology could be unlocked once this is not weighing the series down anymore.

Ultimately, the biggest thing that we do know is that we’re probably more excited about this current arc for The Blacklist than any that we’ve seen since the first villain. This is an adversary who not only is formidable, but you almost want to root for her given that all of her actions against Reddington, including digging up the bodies of the dead, are perfectly justified.

What do you want to see at the end of The Blacklist this season? Share now in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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