Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Who secured Head of Household?

HouseholdThe Head of Household Competition on Big Brother Canada 5 was integral tonight, given that there are two pretty clear sides of the house. On one side, you’ve got Bruno, Kevin, and Jackie, whereas the other is Ika, Demetres, Dillion, and Karen. Dre and William are the players in the middle right now, with William loyal to Kevin to a certain extent and Dre loyal to Ika.

The competition that we saw at the end of tonight’s episode seemed to be pretty physical, and as a result of that, we felt fairly confident that Demetres would win it. He was by far the most physical player in the house, and him winning here would mark a great opportunity to split up the Bruno / Kevin pairing once and for all.

What could be interesting here is this: Let’s say that Bruno wins the Veto, and then William uses his Secret Veto on Kevin. If William is immune with the Secret Veto, this means that we could see someone like Dre or Karen go on the block. Could one of them go home over Jackie? It’s something to think about. Personally, we’re mostly for this happening just because the idea of a predictable boot isn’t nearly as much fun.

No matter what happens, Demetres better hope now that either he or Ika win the remainder of the necessary competitions. This is a guy who’s established himself as the biggest physical threat in the season by far, and he continues to be unafraid to win some of these close showdowns. While it may put a target on his back, maybe he feels at this point like it really doesn’t matter.

Also, it feels pretty clear now that having that added power really didn’t do much of anything for Karen in winning this HoH over anyone else. We figure there will be some strategy talk tonight, but not much since the nominations feel fairly straightforward. So long as William keeps his Veto hidden, Ika and Demetres probably are going to think that they have control of everything that happens in the house.

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