Survivor: Game Changers episode 10: Andrea, Zeke go at it

Survivor: Game Changers episode 10Moving into Survivor: Game Changers episode 10, what is going to happen?

The biggest thing that we know going into the next episode is rather simple: Our personal expectations are through the roof based on tonight’s incredible two-hour block. There were so many great moments, and two pretty big vote-outs in Hali and Zeke leaving the game.

As we now move into what’s coming up next week, one of the big questions is whether or not Zeke can recover from a move that got him in all sorts of hot water tonight — going to tell Sierra that Andrea, Cirie, and her group was gunning for her to go home. Andrea seemed particularly bitter in how she voted for Zeke while at Tribal Council, and the two parties are going to be at odds when they get back to camp based on the preview that we saw tonight.

If there is one thing that Zeke does have, though, it’s flexibility — he knows now that neither side really trusts him, but if he can find a group that is desperate enough, he may be able to figure out how to move forward with them as allies … at least temporary ones. We’d say that at this point, he needs to just get one or two people he trusts, and then try to go from one group to the next where he’s needed. Make them think that they need him to stick around. He could take a little bit from another Game Changer here in Sandra, and then combine that a little bit with Rob Cesternino from The Amazon. This has to be the Zeke gameplan moving forward.

At the moment, it does feel like Sierra and Brad’s alliance is dominant and is going to run the show, but in this game, it’s hard to ever get that confident. Sarah and Zeke look to be making a move, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go and what they want to do.

As a whole, though, the post-merge game is everything that we wanted it to be, and there are so many interesting moves and strategic directions that the show could go from here. We’ll be back tomorrow with a couple more interviews.

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