Britain’s Got Talent: Sarah Ikumu asked to audition — still not be deal

IkumuReady for today’s dose of ridiculous Britain’s Got Talent news? For that, we don’t think you have to look any further than the story that is floating around right now regarding Sarah Ikumu, Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer act for the season.

Speaking per The Sun, a source claimed that Ikumu, the teenager singer who blew the judges away, was actually courted by the show’s scouts to appear:

“A BGT scout spotted Sarah towards the end of last year, when she was performing at a local event. She was asked to audition on the show. She auditioned shortly after, and of course completely blew the producers away.”

Somehow, the British press are acting like this is some terrible thing, but here’s the reality: IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. We’re not even talking about just with talent shows. Any reality TV show you watch probably has someone on it who was scouted from the grocery store, a local bar, or a college campus. It’s happened to us before! The reality is that the majority of people out there are not keeping track of when auditions are happening or actively trying to get on TV. They get approached by someone, and then think that it is fate that is somehow reaching out to them and convincing them to take part.

For Ikumu, what matters is that she’s super-talented, and has a good shot of getting far in the competition. We’re not willing to say she’s the winner yet, just because there have been so many talented singers on this show before and not all of them come out on top. There is even at times an anti-singer bias that can come out of there being so many shows out there already that embrace this sort of stuff. The other thing that you have to remember is that we’re only one episode in. There is a lot of time for some other acts, whether they be singers or in some other field, to come on the show and blow us away.

What we want to know from you right now is rather clear? What do you think about Ikumu’s audition? Share below!

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