The Amazing Race 29 episode 4 sneak peek: The great clue hunt

The Amazing Race 29 episode 4 sneak peekWe hope that you like reality TV on CBS this week! There are two episodes airing tonight of Survivor, and The Amazing Race will be doing the same thing come Thursday night. You’ll get an opportunity to check out two legs of the race, and hopefully in the process, you’ll get a better chance to see more of who the real contenders are for this season.

The sneak peek below is a good reference to what is coming on at least one of the two legs, as it will feature teams scrambling to try to find clues in a series of chests with various drawers. This seems to us like one of the more entertaining tasks you could be told to do — it’s almost like a treasure hunt to try to find the right components to then unlock your right clue. It’s also far harder than it appears on the surface.

Based on this preview, it appears on the surface that Brooke & Scott are the team who seems to figure out how to win at this challenge first, but that may ultimately be rather short-lived as not everything for them goes according to plan. Also, it’s Brooke & Scott — conflict tends to follow them everywhere they go, and while they may get along at times, it certainly feels like there are moments where they’re ready to just scream at each other.

Some of the other teams that we see here include Becca & Floyd, London & Logan, and Matt & Redmond. This leads us to believe that there is some sort of equalizer, given that #TeamFun ended up being behind many of the other teams after the whole passport snafu took place a little bit earlier in the season.

Regardless of what happens and who ends up going home, we’re getting two consecutive hours of The Amazing Race on Thursday night! There are few things in the television world that are worthy of celebrating quite like this. This season is so far much better than we thought that it was going to be going into it.

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Meanwhile, be sure to head over here in the event you want some other news when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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