Arrow season 5: Are we done with Vigilante this season?

VigilanteThere’s been a lot of excellent news out there about Arrow season 5 as of late, whether it be the return of Slade Wilson and Nyssa al Ghul or the fact that we’re heading back to the infamous island Liam Yu for the finale.

Yet, there’s one mystery from this season that has not been touched on in a while: Vigilante. Who is this guy? He’s been one of the more compelling adversaries we’ve seen this season, mostly because he’s so unflinching in his violence and operates with a different moral code than most adversaries. In his mind, he’s not a villain at all — he seems to have his own sort of utilitarian scale of good versus bad, and he’s out to think what makes the world a better place, even if it means that we lose some lives in the process.

While he may not be the incredible character that Prometheus / Adrian Chase is, he’s certainly one of the reasons why season 5 is great. The fact that we don’t know who is under that mask anymore (for so long, we assumed that it was Chase just as many other people did) now also makes him all the more intrigue.

Recently, we learned that we wouldn’t learn the character’s identity this season. With that, we’re starting to wonder if we are going to even see this character at all until season 6 rolls around.

What’s the motivation for using Vigilante at this point? Other than some awesome shootout scenes, there may not be one. The Prometheus story is now in full swing, and he’s already warned Vigilante to steer clear of the Green Arrow. Even if Vigilante may be crazed and delusional, it’s possible that he has enough common sense to be aware that he really shouldn’t spend a whole lot of time messing with people who have the capacity of murdering him.

In the end, we do think it’s best to wait on season 6 now for Vigilante. Trying to bring him back at this point will be seen only as a distraction from what we really want to get into on the show, and that’s not a label we want thrown on someone we’ve found to be a great character over time.

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Meanwhile, be sure to head over here to get some more news on a trailer coming up soon. (Photo: The CW.)

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