Power season 4 sneak peek analysis: Tasha learns the truth about Ghost

Power season 4 sneak peekWhile we don’t have an official trailer just yet, shouldn’t a Power season 4 sneak peek help to tide you over until this summer?

If you head over to the show’s official Twitter account right now, you can see a preview that focuses mostly on one subject: James St. Patrick going behind bars. Quick refresher — at the end of season 3, Angela found out that Greg Knox had been killed. As a result of that, she ended up arresting her former boyfriend Ghost, thinking that he was the responsible party after all of his recent trail of lies. What she didn’t realize was that it was actually Mike Sandoval who was responsible after Greg got a little too close to the truth for his liking.

This specific preview doesn’t offer up too much more in the way of insight into finding out the truth; instead, this is more about Joe Proctor having to be the one to rely the unfortunate news to Tasha about what’s happened. Her reaction is certainly what you would expect, and to make matters worse, she’s forced to deal with another crisis at the same time in Tariq’s disappearance. He’s fallen in with Kanan as of late, which is bad news for pretty much everyone given Kanan’s motivations to destroy Ghost’s life.

Tasha wants to tell Jamie the truth about their son and what’s going on, but Joe advises her otherwise. Why? In his words, there is nothing that Ghost can do to help that situation from behind bars, and with that in mind, he’s better off finding out about it later when there’s something that he can actually do to help. For the time being, the best thing that Tasha can do is support Ghost. The guy’s in a pretty helpless state; he’s still a guy who’s done some pretty terrible things, and that is what makes this situation going into the season so interesting. He’s wrongfully imprisoned, but at the same time you can easily argue that he should still be behind bars … just for different crimes.

Power season 4 is going to premiere on Starz this summer, and we’ll of course have further news about it as we start to hear more over at the link here.

What do you think is going to happen to Ghost behind bars on this season? Be sure to share in the attached comments below! (Photo: Starz.)

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