NCIS season 14 episode 21 review: Agent Torres’ former undercover sting to Marine’s murder

NCIS season 14 episode 21 reviewOn Tuesday night the fans of NCIS got a glimpse of what NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres did before he joined Agent Gibbs’ team. The popular agent always suggested he was undercover, but he never really shared details about the cases…that is until this episode called One Book, Two Covers.

Agent Torres hasn’t always been a team player. As viewers have seen, he sometimes prefers to roll solo when it comes to cracking cases. While that might have worked in the past, working with Agent Gibbs has led to some adjustments adjustments. Agent Torres working with other agents, meanwhile, turned out to be beneficial. It certainly was a good thing in solving the case tonight.

As a part of an undercover operation for over a year, Torres was previously part of a former bike gang. Known for his dirt bike moves and being one of the tough guys, the gang trusted him with all their secrets. He finally took down the leader in a sting. Convincing one of the members and a friend to flip, he didn’t do it exactly 100% legally. Torres admitted to Agent Gibbs that he did plant evidence. Fast forward to today and someone had a tape. Threatening Torres with proof, the mystery killer was looking to extract revenge from the past and make a few bucks too.

Meanwhile, after checking in with the member of the gang who flipped, it appears that life in witness protection had taken a toll. Not exactly happy and considered a snitch, the man who got another chance at life. Yet, he seemed internally ungrateful. Agent Torres might have convicted a criminal in his undercover work, but he also created a monster with his former pal who was so unhappy in his current circumstances.

As the Marine’s murder appears to be connected to the bike gang, how exactly it fits was still a puzzle. Knowing the victim had serious debt and his mood changed, the team assumed the gang was reunited and stronger than before. The twist in this episode surprised everyone. While the gang was broken, it appears the wrong man was considered the gang leader. It was actually Agent Torres’ former pal the whole time.

Coming back to take his money and rightful place at the top of the gang, it was Torres’ pal who was pulling the strings. The first order of business was clearing out all the members who didn’t belong. NCIS kept following the clues with the murders, but they kept coming up slightly short. It was a phone call Torres received at a murder scene that put everything together. The blackmailer and the pal in witness protection was one and the same. He also had the marine killed right after a bank robbery.

In the end, it was Agent Gibbs who forced Agent Torres to make the best of his past. Fessing up that he didn’t walk the line on an arrest, Torres had to come clean about his past. Then, in a way to make things right, he arrested his pal after the attempt at blackmailing him.

We really enjoyed seeing the NCIS agents out of the office this episode. From the dirt bike track to the side of the road, it’s good to see all of the characters get a little more sun while solving murders! Episode grade: A-.

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