Agents of SHIELD season 4 episode 18: Is Jeffrey Mace dead?

Is Jeffrey Mace deadThe truth of the matter here is that coming out of last week’s new episode of Agents of SHIELD, it was very hard to imagine the Fitz character in the same way that he once was. He had just eliminated Agnes in the Framework, and tonight we saw some of the pressures that this version of Fitz was under, including those from his own father. During tonight’s episode, we effectively saw him give a kill order to an entire building, just in case. It was still difficult to see him in this place, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this is changing anytime soon.

With Fitz still terrible, let’s instead get to the question at the center of the episode: Is Jeffrey Mace dead? Admittedly, we did expect that we would be losing Jason O’Mara from the cast at some point this season, given that we never thought that this would be more than a one-season role. Still, he lasted much longer than we thought he would, and we’re bummed as hell about the ending. We loved Mace as a character and how he represented something different for SHIELD — a character who knew how to handle the politics of this world in addition to having to take down bad guys … even if he needed a little bit of help here and there.

That scene where we went outside of the Framework to see Mace shutting down? Heartbreaking, and that seems to be the end of the road for O’Mara on the show. Maybe we’re wrong, but it’s hard to know how someone comes back from this. We presumed that someone wouldn’t survive the situation that these characters were in, but that doesn’t make this any less sad. At least Mace went out a true hero, fighting to save a kid’s life.

As for the cliffhanger – Well, let’s just hope that Daisy is able to access some of her powers quickly based on that final scene with her and May. It’s hard to really process it based on what we saw with Mace tonight, but it was there and let’s hope that everything with the husk works out…

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