Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Karen’s power, plenty of chatter

Karen's powerFor this particular Big Brother Canada update we’re going to spend a little time on Karen’s power … and more on just Karen.

Let’s start first with the fact that Karen seemed to win some sort of advantage in the upcoming Head of Household Competition on Thursday. It came about courtesy of some sort of sponsored event earlier today — yes, complain about some of these tasks as much as you want, but they still help to ensure that the show stays on the air. It’s hard to complain when you’re getting the show on the air still.

Will this be enough to help Karen win HoH? It’s possible, and this is very bad news for Kevin in particular. Karen seems to loathe the very ground the guy walks on, and often for no real reason other than that she doesn’t like him. In a way, though, that makes her an asset since people know where she stands … or at least it has so far.

The thing is, Karen’s done a great job because there were so many people she could hide behind and snipe. Now, it’s starting to get a little more public that she’s smart and pretty self-aware; in turn, that makes her a target. Ika is already thinking about getting her out, and obviously Kevin would be interested in targeting her if he was to get into power (though he may look more at Ika now given just how much control she has in the game).

We don’t know if Karen can make it to the end, but at this point, we almost hope that she does just because she’s one of the more hilarious people this season. She’s insanely paranoid, she tells good stories, and she’s reasonably competent at the game. She’s not a savant by any means, but she is a better player than we thought she’d be preseason.

As for an update on the game… – Sindy’s done some campaigning against Jackie on the block, but we don’t think there’s a very good chance that she is going to get anyone on her side. The issue is that she’s too obviously with Bruno and Kevin; sure, you can make the argument that they are pulling in Jackie, but she’s not anywhere near as threatening.

Meanwhile, Karen and Dillon are getting closer as a duo, which should be rather entertaining to watch the rest of the season.

If you want to get some further news when it comes to Big Brother Canada, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: Global.)

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