Scorpion season 3: Should Walter win Paige back this season?

PaigeMrs. Carter: Scorpion fans, we’re right there with you in terms of feeling pain around Walter and Paige.

Going into Monday night’s new episode of the show entitled “Strife on Mars,” we were hoping for another moment or two where the parties grew closer together. What we absolutely did not expect were some shocking moments where, by the end of the episode, Walter would know about the massive secret that Paige had been keeping for most of the season. Not only that, but there was also the matter of him trying to deal with the news when it came out — Paige knew how he felt about her, and was embarrassed about the fact that she seemingly pretended to like him (at least this is his sentiment) in order to save his life.

Walter is someone who loves to be in control. With that, he needs to know what is going on — when he doesn’t know everything that is going on, this is where we start to see him get into a little bit of trouble. Or, he panics. In this case he panicked, and Paige was largely the collateral damage. He fired from her the team with no clear reason other than that he claims that he is now “ready,” even though he’s really not. The only thing that he was ready to do was to push Paige away rather than having to deal with the issues that were in front of his pace.

Is there a chance that he can turn things around and get Paige back on his side? In theory, the answer that we can give you is “yes,” mostly because of the fact that Paige is as kind and forgiving as they come. She’s not a wallflower, and with that, Walter will still need to do a little bit of work in order to properly win her over. He better be prepared to do that, since Paige has earned more than just a simple apology here.

The big question that we do wonder is this: Is there enough time this season for Walter to make things right? We want to see him on the road to earning Paige’s forgiveness, but at the same time, we don’t want it to be forced. If you rush it, the fear is that it will be. The show needs to either take its time, or allow a grand gesture on Walter’s part.

How do you think Walter can win back Paige, and should it happen this season? Share now in the comments below!

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