Supergirl season 2 episode 18: Does Lena Luthor know Kara’s secret?

Does Lena Luthor knowLeading up to Supergirl season 2 episode 18, there’s a good question worth asking: Does Lena Luthor know the truth about Kara?

In the new, just-released promo for Monday’s “Ace Reporter,” you start to get the sense that it is possible that Lena has figured things out for herself. Specifically, we’ve got two moments in here that make you wonder. First, you’ve got Supergirl saying “how did you know I was Supergirl?” to someone, and it makes sense that it could be Lena. She hasn’t told her the truth yet, but Lena’s a smart person and we like to think that smart people are able to put two and two together on this sort of thing. With that, we have confidence that she will be able to figure things out.

Meanwhile, you’ve also got at the end of the preview Lena asking Kara Danvers what her kryptonite is. Either she is speaking metaphorically, or is just trolling the heck out of her friend that she knows and is toying with her.

How bad is it if Lena knows the truth? Potentially, pretty bad given on what her ultimate motives are. If Lena continues to be one of the good ones, someone intent on changing the Luthor family legacy, then her knowing could be an asset. She can protect Kara’s secret identity, and help with her inside knowledge of her family. However, if she has some evil motives of her own, it’s possible that Lena could end up exploiting this, and using the secret against her for her own advantage.

For the time being, we’ll continue to believe the best for Lena because most of the evidence suggests she’s one of the good ones. It doesn’t feel quite right to assume otherwise now just because of her last name. It’s the whole nature versus nurture debate. After selling out her mother for the sake of doing the right thing, Lena proved that she is not necessarily evil just because of who her mother is. As a result of that, we’re inclined to believe her for a little while moving forward.

What do you think about this new promo: Does Lena Luthor know the truth, or is this all designed to be perfect misdirection? Share in the comments!

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