Outlander season 3 and the curious case of Jamie’s hug

Jamie's hugWho would’ve imagined that Jamie’s hug would stir up so much conversation in the Outlander community?

The moment occurs at around the 27-second mark in the new season 3 teaser, and this is admittedly something that we haven’t touched on too much as of yet. There was so much other stuff going on with the teaser (we’ve already written almost a thousand words on it), and there are a few moments as a non-book reader that don’t strike us in the same way that they do people with a vast knowledge of the source material. After all, there is another level in which readers can scour the teaser and identify key moments.

Since writing that article, we’ve started to take the temperature of the room (i.e. much of the internet), and realized even further just how significant this hug truly is. Specifically, it’s the who in it that is stirring up so much discussion. (Warning: There are some minor book spoilers ahead.)

One of the big prevailing theories at first regarding the hug was that he was embracing Marsali, Laoghaire’s daughter. However, this is a thought that was already debunked on Facebook by author Diana Gabaldon. (It makes some sense, given that Marsali may be a little older than the person in the hug appears to be when Jamie meets her.) Then, there was another theory out there that it was William, the son of Jamie and Geneva Dunsany. However, Gabaldon has also debunked that notion.

While it may be easy to assume that the person above is a young girl, the fashion of the time, especially for children of a certain age, was rather androgynous. Therefore, this could very well be a boy, and there is really no proof to suggest otherwise. This may be a small mystery in context of the larger story, but it’s an interesting one nonetheless since this embrace places Jamie within a specific frame of time.

We realize that as a non-reader, our input in bringing forth former theories is not going to be at the level of others. What we wanted to bring to you here is two names that you can rule out, and now, we want to hear from you. Who do you think Jamie is embracing here, and what do you think it means? Share some of your thoughts on the matter below!

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