Grey’s Anatomy season 13 spoilers: How could Stephanie leave?

StephanieIt’s been a while since the news was first reported, so with that, we suppose that it’s possible that someone out there forgot that Jerrika Hinton is leaving Grey’s Anatomy at the end of season 13. She has another project coming up, and ultimately, we’re just happy to have her given the fact that there was at one point a chance that we weren’t going to have her on this season at all. Just remember for a moment here that she had another show that almost ended up on the schedule this year.

Now, we’re starting to get the first insight regarding what her departure from the show could be like. On the upcoming May 4 installment entitled “Leave It Inside,” Stephanie and Ben both are going to find themselves into a position where they make decisions that impact the remainder of their careers. Maybe that means one of them is leaving the hospital, or maybe it means both of them are.

In the case of Ben, we definitely hope that he sticks around given that without Jason George on the show, all of a sudden Bailey doesn’t have that personal connection. She needs that, given how difficult most of this season has been to date. Remember for a moment or two that we’ve seen her be inundated with conflict for most of the season, with a rather large percentage of it having to deal with the fact that she and Webber have been at odds over the hiring of one Eliza Minnick.

As for what else is coming on this episode, be prepared for some interesting character combinations. April and Andrew are going to be put together on a challenging case, one involving a patient with a difficult, inoperable heart tumor. This patient will have a very contentious personality, and with that, we figure that they will have a hard time dealing with her.

Following that, you’re also going to see Alex and Minnick in conflict over the hour in terms of how a young patient should be treated at the hospital. Given that Alex was not around for the majority of Minnick’s arrival, seeing how they interact should prove interesting.

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