Scorpion season 3 episode 22 review: Did Walter fire Paige?

While we realize that there was another dangerous, important mission at the center of Scorpion season 3 episode 22 on Monday night, we’ll be the first to admit that our attention was mostly on something else: The fact that over the course of the episode, Walter started to remember some of what Paige said to him while he was out in space early on this season. (Ironic, given that tonight’s episode “Strife on Mars” also had a space theme.)

Here is one of the big questions that we’ve long had about some of those memories — were they genuine from Paige’s point of view? There’s an argument to be made here that she loved Paige, and that is why she said what she did. However, there is another argument to be made here that she said what he wanted to hear to motivate him to stay alive, but that’s not really the point for now. The main point is that Walter remembering this put both he and Paige in quite a pickle, since all of a sudden he found himself emotionally overcome to the point where it distracted him from the mission at hand. There were funny moments that came with it, but serious consequences, as well.

Oh, and we should make it clear that everyone else knew about about what Walter went through, as well. When Walter started to realize that near the end of the episode, things were even more awkward … especially when Sylvester had to pass along the news that Walter was making out with his hand at one point. On more of a serious level, Ralph went to his mother and asked her if she really did mean what she said to Walter; after all, he bought whatever she was selling to him, and maybe this was no coincidence at all.

We’ll get to the end of this story in just a moment, since in spite of however much fun we had with the two parties here, the ending was certainly sad.

Toby’s bachelor party

In the wake of everything that happened with the mission, the guys didn’t exactly have a wild and crazy night. In the words of Cabe, “this party sucks.” Paige insisted that she had a gift coming, and this eventually came in the form of a magician. Let’s just say that this didn’t go all that well. (Why did Paige think hiring him would actually work?)

Oh, and Happy got Toby Dick framed for him! It’s a sign that she is doing what she can in order to make their future home feel like that, even if she wasn’t fond of all of his stuff. All of this was fun, but then, as we mentioned earlier, we had the ending.

Walter’s decision

After feeling embarrassed, Walter decided that he was going to fire Paige. He gave her plenty of money, but he completely abandoned his heart. This was devastating, and not the sort of growth we expected from him. She was enraged, and understandably so.

Why did he do this? It was probably easier to have her hate him than getting rejected, but if Walter wants to fix this, he better REALLY fix it. He has to earn Paige back; she deserves that from him after this emotional blindside.


One of the most important episodes of the show in a rather long time, especially since Walter and Paige started to take a step forward. Unfortunately, that step forward veered off course thanks to that devastating ending. Grade: B+.

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