24: Legacy season 1 finale: Who died?

24: Legacy season 1 finale

Tonight’s 24: Legacy season 1 finale was one that started dramatic and ended tragic, given that this day ended up being one of the worst days of John Donovan’s life to go along with Eric Carter.

Specifically, the most shocking moment of the finale came courtesy of the death of one Rebecca Ingram, the former CTU head who passed despite numerous attempts to revive her in the hospital.It was a difficult end to watch unfold for so many reasons, from the arrival of John’s father Henry to the mere questions as to how we got to this point … in a short period of time. (Let’s be clear — nobody plays corrupt like Gerald McRaney. The actions of his character are what brought things in part to this point.)

This is in the end one of the most complicated things about 24: Legacy as a series — the show actually worked best when it was focused on McRaney and Jimmy Smits rather than the Eric Carter character, who was meant to be the new Jack Bauer at the start.

If there is good news for Donovan, it’s that his poll numbers are spiking … not that this is anything that he possibly wanted to hear. Given what he is going through, we understand how conflicted he is. Henry claimed that he wanted remorse, and John claimed that he didn’t want to profit from losing his wife.

After meeting with Henry, John found himself forced to deal with a position regarding another death — one of Donald Simms. He was questioned about what happened, and his last time with him. In the end, everything that John went through made him compelled to stay in the race.

As for Eric Carter, his story ended with him arriving at CTU for his debrief following everything that happened. He had a chance to see Nicole, and through that, he admitted to not being honest with her about what he needed following his time from war — the CTU is ultimately what he needed. One way or another, he craved the danger and the action. Nicole wanted to make things work still — he was resistant at first, but eventually relented.

What did you think about the 24: Legacy finale, and did it live up to many of the expectations that you had? Share below!

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