Broadchurch season 4: Should it happen someday?

Broadchurch season 4Following tonight’s series finale, is there going to be hope for a Broadchurch season 4 down the road? We’re sure that there will be questions.

Following the finale, we certainly know that there won’t be any for a good while. Show creator Chris Chibnall is moving forward to another project, and it is an incredibly ambitious one in Doctor Who. This is also one that is rather time-consuming, given that there are are only so many minutes in the day in which you can tell some of these stories. While Steven Moffat was able to pull double-duty with that show and occasionally Sherlock, it was made a little easier by the fact that he co-ran Sherlock with Mark Gatiss, and that show only does three episodes a season. It’s a little bit different with Broadchurch.

Ultimately, we think the best approach is to never say never with a show like this. (We know that Chibnall has said that he doesn’t intend on making any more, but maybe in a few years, he could change his mind.) Provided that Olivia Colman and David Tennant are both interested in coming back (and their characters survive the finale), there’s always a chance to resurrect the series down the line. Remember here that this is a show where the cast could come back at any point down the road and it’d still be relevant. Unfortunately, it’s not like crime is ever going to end. There will always be material.

We do think that there is something to be said for taking long hiatuses these days. When you are gone for a long period of time, this basically makes people miss you more. Even if this show only aired for three seasons, we know that there could be some people out there who do still end up missing it. For us, we’re certainly going to be interested in seeing something more circa 2019 or so … however unlikely that may be (and it seems very unlikely). This is a subject to revisit down the road, as there’s certainly not going to be a lot of conversation about it right now and Chibnall seems set in its ways. For now, the main focus seems to just be sending season 3 off into the sunset.

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