Britain’s Got Talent act DNA already have resume — why it’s not big deal

DNABe prepared for this for almost the entirety of Britain’s Got Talent this season. We’re going to see several great acts, and then we’re going to see the British press try to tear them a new one and claim that they are somehow less-than-spectacular just because they already have a certain degree of fame.

The latest example of this for now comes courtesy of mentalist duo DNA, who impressed all four of the judges on Saturday’s new episode. They were professional, they were slick, and they managed to have little tricks-within-tricks that made them so much better than you would possibly imagine they would be for a first audition.

Now, it’s coming out that the two have performed at many big events and in front of several celebrities before, as though this somehow cancels them from competing in the competition.

We suppose that to an extent, we understand why there are people out there who are skeptical of anyone with preexisting fame, just because of the notion that this show is meant to be about discovering talent as opposed to tapping into names that are already out there.

However, the major counterargument to this is that if you were to find undiscovered talent within any sort of magic / variety space, you’d be probably getting inferior products and people with no experience at all. If you are a mentalist, you have to be out there performing. Otherwise, you’re not going to be any good! We should all spend a little less time worrying about where someone comes from in terms of their experience, and precisely how good they actually are as a performer. At the end of the day, this is what is going to matter so much more than anything else. This is a show about finding someone to perform in front of the Royal Family and deliver worthy entertainment.

Ultimately, we do think that DNA is one of the big favorites coming out of the first show, though in terms of emotion you have to look at the Missing People Choir as a possible finalist.

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