Outlander season 3: Full teaser analysis — Jamie, Claire, Frank, and more

Full teaser analysisWhen we first discussed the first bit of Outlander season 3 footage yesterday, we teased that some full teaser analysis would be coming sooner rather than later. Now, we’re pleased to report that it’s here! We’ve watched the short clip more times than we can count, and want to offer up a little bit more of our own take on what is an excellent tease for what lies ahead this season.

If you want to watch the teaser again (just in case you want a further reference point), you can do so at the bottom of this article. Otherwise, read on…

First eight seconds – This is to us the recap of where we are and how we got there. Obviously, Starz cannot show you the entire journey within this time, so they focus on the iconic imagery of the stones and the close-ups of Jamie and Claire. The attention to detail in terms of the hands here is important — you can express so much with them across several different senses. The clenching of the hands symbolizes attachment, and rings are a projection of visual commitment.

Jamie’s narration – We want to give you a transcription of what Sam Heughan’s character has to say here before continuing to anything else: “I have lied, killed, and broken trust, but when I stand before God, I’ll have one thing to say to weigh against all the rest. Lord, you gave me a rare woman. God, I loved her well.”

Placing this narration in the form of a prayer is important, given that faith is a key component of the show, both in terms of a name and a concept. (“Faith” is also a top-five Outlander episode in our books.) It also gives Jamie someone to communicate with given that we’re not sure there is anyone other than God and Claire who he would be so vulnerable with as to explain precisely how he feels. It elevates Claire, and it gives you a sense as to where he is emotionally when the season picks up.

Full teaser analysis

This is probably our favorite Jamie screenshot from the teaser, in terms of strength amidst chaos and also vulnerability. One of the things that Heughan does best is act through his eyes, and you can absolutely see that here, as well, amidst the great battlefield.

As for Jamie strolling through the woods on horseback, we like to think of that as his perfect B-roll. You can throw Jamie wandering through the woods before almost anything and 95% of the show’s audience would cheer in celebration.


The moments of significance for Claire

What’s going on here? We know that Claire becomes a doctor back in the “present” timeline, so maybe this is what the white coat is a nod to. This is nonetheless still one of the few moments within the teaser that we don’t have a lot of context on in terms of what exactly is going on.

Also within the Claire portion of the trailer, you get to see the sight of her with Frank while at Bree’s graduation. This scene is a part of an image that was already shown by Starz, so you knew that this was something that would be showcased in the season.

Still, we’re all for celebrating a Sophie Skelton sighting. More Bree in season 3! This should be a sign of things to come, and we love seeing the eagerness and excitement in her smile here.


This is not the only moment with Bree, as you also get a quick glimpse at what looks to be her 16th birthday, judging from one of the cards present on the table.


One other thing that we want to point out here is that starting at around the 22-second mark, you get another sighting of jewelry in the form of pearls. Two times in one teaser? There’s an obvious significance behind it there!

Things get intense

You see Claire running, you see Jamie firing a gun, and in the end, the teaser ends with Jamie uttering that he’ll find Claire, shouting her name, and making it clear that it is a promise.

The contrasting fashions here is interesting. When Jamie fires the gun, he is dressed to the nines for the time. However, in his moment of desperation shouting Claire’s name, his appearance is far more undone. This may symbolize precisely how lost at his core he is without the great love of his life. He’s physically vulnerable, and his words are the same emotionally.


All of this serves as the foundation to season 3, which will be about Jamie and Claire working to find each other in Scotland. Meanwhile, the flashbacks to Claire’s past (technically the future for everyone else) should give you insight on Brianna’s upbringing, and how she fared in the years without him.

There is obviously so much more to the season 3 story, but we’re grateful to Starz for cramming in as much as they did here. There was no guarantee that we’d even get this much!

What is your favorite moment of the new Outlander teaser? Share below!

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