NCIS viewing habits: How do viewers get ready for CBS’ number one show?

NCIS viewing habitsViewers of NCIS are a loyal bunch of folks. On Tuesday night the lights dim in my house exactly at 7:55 pm. The phone is put on silence and the deadbolt on the front door is in place. Prepared for America’s most popular drama (in terms of total viewers), even the dog knows he needs to do his business early on Tuesday. For the next 60 minutes, there is no such thing as the outside world. Focused on the tube, it’s my time to appreciate the show.

Viewers who love NCIS have the same type of loyalty that I do. Perhaps they show it in slightly different ways, but the results are the same: an uninterrupted hour of delightful television. Focusing on Agent Gibbs’ team, the challenge of following along never gets old.

Asking around, I’ve found that different viewers watch NCIS differently. While some prefer to watch without interruption (like me), there are people who love to discuss the story along the way. Posting on social media as the show airs, some fans enjoy chatting about scenes as the program is viewed.

When it comes to NCIS viewing habits, the number one priority is sure you are comfortable watching the show. Setting time aside for the hour in the evening, the priority is finding a place perfect to watch the show. Thanks to the CBS live stream, fans no longer need to be sitting in their living room. You can watch the program darn near everywhere, including in the hot tub (I mean, only if you have one.)

Another habit the serious fans have is reflecting, briefly, on the previous week. Wanting to be on top of where the story goes next, many viewers take a minute to watch a recap of the previous week’s episode.Typically it’s not necessary to watch the entire show, but it’s not a bad thing if you do. In fact, it might be quite entertaining to see two episodes on the same night. You get something close when NCIS: New Orleans is on the air.

Finally, if you’re looking at habits that might be superstitious in nature, there are a few fans who do odd things to honor the show. I’ve met fans who wear special socks on Tuesday to support the NCIS team and others who munch on the same snack every week for good luck.

Towards the end of the season, the focus of NCIS fans starts to change. Knowing the countdown of the season is in full swing, people hold on to every moment left of the series. Of course, this does mean some epic viewing parties. Complete with NCIS trivia, plenty of snacks and even a lively discussion on how Agent Gibbs gets more handsome every year.

Let us know some of your viewing habits in the comments!

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