Last Week Tonight with John Oliver talks France’s Presidential Election

France's Presidential Election

In the closing minutes of Easter Sunday, the good news was that there was still something rather great that we had an opportunity to check out — Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. In between North Korea and Sean Spicer’s recent comments, there was certainly quite a bit going on in the world that Oliver could have chosen to touch on.

So what did he opt to talk about in the opening minutes? Well, pretty much everything from Donald Trump’s love of chocolate cake to Spicer to meetings with China. Oh, and of course the “Mother of All Bombs” was brought up, given that mothers can apparently be bombs too. #MomBombs. Somehow, Oliver’s usage of hashtags doesn’t get old even at the times in which it really should.

For the main story tonight … well, let’s just say that Oliver went somewhat out of left field for his choice to focus in on France’s Presidential Election. This is happening very soon, and the results of it are far more important than most people in America would think. Specifically, these elections could determine the future of that country and of the European Union. We’ve already had Brexit; do we really need to add to that?

One of the things that we learned was just how unpopular the current President there is; basically, he makes Donald Trump’s approval ratings look at big as Trump actually thinks that they are! Oliver went through some of the candidates, pretty much ruined Babar for the majority of people watching, and referenced “Larry Skywalker” … it’s one of those things that just doesn’t work out of context.

We’re very curious to know what people familiar with French politics thought of the segment. As someone not all that familiar with the subject we found this funny, but as noted, we’re rather uninformed.

Are there probably people out there who wished he focused more on North Korea? Probably, and we understand why. But, what does make Oliver’s show fantastic is at times he does expose you to issues and ideas that you either weren’t familiar with, or really didn’t know at all. That is a very big part of what makes his show great.

What did you think about this week’s segment, and the continued presence of Last Week Tonight as an odd beacon of comedy hope in the midst of a whole lot of darkness? Share below!

Meanwhile, you can head over here if you continue to be interested in getting some other news when it comes to the show. (Photo: HBO.)

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