Do You Need Shark Tank advice? Why entrepreneurs need to listen to investors’ brainstorming

Shark Tank adviceShark Tank advice is a weekly gift that keeps giving on ABC. ‎Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, ‎Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran and ‎Kevin O’Leary have been investing long enough to know a thing or two about business. Plus, they have made small businesses exponentially grow. Frankly, that’s why they are still calling the shots on Shark Tank.

The investors are also the direct source of Shark Tank advice for any entrepreneur hoping to make it big. While it might not be your product on the show, the nuggets of information shared on the show offer potential to anyone willing to listen. From the logical thought process that goes into every product to where the products could be placed, the brainstorming of an investor should never go unnoticed.

Brainstorming is advice in disguise

The process of an investor brainstorming, both on and off TV, is a standard process. It allows an entrepreneur to engage with a potential partner and see how their idea can be pushed along further. Don’t be the person looking for financial backing who forgets to listen to the ideas and advice shared. Brainstorming is probably the most valuable business asset. It’s like engaging with a business coach without the crazy hourly fees. Plus, it’s immediate information about markets that you probably won’t find searching business magazines online.

The brainstorming process comes in several ways. The most direct way is investors asking questions. Looking into options. How they can be part of the project? Are they searching for an angle to effectively use their resources? The suggestions might be new ideas introduced for the future of your product. Or investors might share opportunities openly by suggesting ideas, trying to gauge if you have ever thought of different scenarios before. Again, these might seem like suggestions. It’s really advice, packed in a different way. Dissecting and considering what the investor is looking for is a window for their support. It is definitely worthy of your time. You might be surprised at how other people look at your project.

Entrepreneur tip: Listen to investors who brainstorm out loud. They might be asking questions, but they are also offering up advice. Keep yourself in the moment to listen.

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